Wednesday 10 February 2021

the skot part

hello again from here = robert SKOT mcmillan art monk, from waaay down at the bottom right corner.

Here's a little insight about my proper legal name. In very late 2020, It has now been revealed in the recent incarnation of my proper business website, as previously posted      If you have navigated your way here from there, I am about to tell you at least part of a little story. 

I had built myself a proper website around 2001 or 2. I named it ' central nervous ' which turned out to be a rather prophetic name. It was a natural name for me to present myself. My art school years were filled with reference to the body/ anatomy. I was enamoured with eyes, the spine, the heart. Years later I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, an immune system diss -ease. The primary target is the central nervous system! Bluntly as ever put, my central nervous website was a classic fail of an attempt. I  was focussed on making a cyber portfolio documenting my paintings drawings, writing, and music project/s. But my self sabotage, and my foolish jaded predictable classic, typical lazy hopeless helpless depressed disaffected existential broken artist rational of course was deeply flawed. At least I managed to build it, thanks to the help of my tech whizz brother. but it was retired around 2004. As a maker of things on the physical plane I was resisting it, deferring to the physical plane of things. it was an attempt at a step in the right direction with the wrong eye with the wrong feet turned inside out Picasso style......that was me then, and im not too far from that now, but this time I have come forward again, with a proper arsenal  and a willing will to make business for my life's work with this mad beauty full world. i continue so.  I incite a riot of art from my heart to you. As I build my story and my body of work, i hope the you will join me with your love appreciation and support in the way that only you can.  Signing off for now ~ Rs 

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