Thursday 30 May 2013

truing 1 part: part 1: A silent piece of the language of inter-reference between my visual art, music composition, and poetry/prose

the book of poetry

RSM. "Found Writings, Scrambled Syntax / Under the Radar, Inside A Piano"( 1991-2001 )

The poems and songs that were written during this period grew alongside my day to day explorations, and in conjunction with the evolution of my visual language.
Essentially. Mapping my path toward spiritual and creative self-discovery, I eventually escaped the bubble of my own self-consciousness and entered into a dislocation from everyday reality, triggering an eventual descent into a lengthy period of self-question and self-destruction, and the loss of sense of self and purpose...on toward healing, wholeness, understanding, a new life, a new set of eyes, a spiritual rebirth and metamorphosis, and a renewed connection and love for life, and creation.
At the end of this decade, I had documented a profound and cyclic self-evolution from light to dark, and back to light again.

This book of poetry, in short, is a construction of text as sound
and image... describing the (dark and light-filled) experiences,
changes, and issues in my day to day life that have contributed
to the way in which I have carved out my creative approach
and processes.... These words are about the fears and dangers,
changes, triumphs, and tragedies of self-discovery, exploration,
transformation, and evolution. It is a testament to life, and human
nature, all its' beauty and ugliness.

digging through the universe and my inner-verse, exploring the balances between emotion and intellect, seeking to widen my 'language' and create 'inter-reference' between visual art, music composition, and poetry/prose.

Poem from somewhere between february 1991 and may 1993


I know that you know me;
we don’t

We flow together,
complete a part of
each other.

You and I
no matter.

You and I don’t

We can see
in the silence.

Same heartbeat.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

New Category: Drawings:// Kintsugi Series.

Kintsugi ://the japanese art of repairing with gold to create a perfectly imperfect piece of beauty

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