Monday 16 November 2015

the Mis-take the Mistake

Early years of art school I identified with graphic design and illustration - the mindset of it made sense to me.... once upon a time. BUT I then through my practice, discovered the beauty of the mis-take, the 'mistake'.
Every thing that was not alive in graphic illustration ( illumination) and design, and the motive of this way of think/seeing became just plain inhuman.
As you may know, and as  I tend to believe, our mistakes are our greatest opportunity to learn, grow.....evolve. The mistake became a crucial part of my process. A piece of work that had actual mistakes or conscious mistakes became a part of the greater 'equation'. Skill levels aside, Emotional and Feeling levels overwhelmed my process. We must feel the work we see and make, no matter the level of understanding of works of, and the history of art. This understanding comes from no books.  

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