Thursday 2 January 2014

going back to the landscape, with a bowl of soup.

with the new year, the beginnings of new work for an exhibition this coming may ,at the Vancouver island university concourse gallery here in powell river. Formative examples of evolving a sculptural approach with the paint that began with "love dream song" and "dreaming of love" around 2006 . see landscape tab. one was a study in graffiti tagging into the existing parameters of the trees by drawing with the tube of paint, the other was a study in bark texture at night.

In recent years I was inspired by the paint think of my discovery of a Toronto based artist Kim Dorland. This kind of surface exaggeration is a kindred thing in many ways. For me it begins with Monet and Van Gogh, then on to Tom Thompson of the group of seven. Their liberal and radical application of paint was my inspiration. Materials costs was my one nemesis then, and i had to be too efficient with them, especially after art school. I still do this, but to a lesser extent thankfully these days. These images depict an evolution in my process and application of paint.

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