Monday 14 October 2013

Ardessa Nica Jesseau [ September 1.1970 - July 14.2013} Rest In Peace sweet angel xoxo

I painted 4 portraits of Ardessa in 2004 in honor of the romance, love, and friendship that we shared. In honor of her sugar power. It was the sweetest thing. The 4th painting I gave to her last time I saw her.
The first time I saw her, I remember waiting for the sea bus across to Downtown Vancouver.The sea bus arrived,and there she was waiting to come off, standing there, smiling, her eyes fixed on me.Our eyes met and everything around her quickly melted. Only she stood there, our eyes locked together. the doors opened , and she was gone. I was stunned by her magnificent beauty. Soon after, I walked into the first day of the same art history class with her at Capilano College, N. Vancouver early Fall of 1989. I was 21, she was 19 then. Fate, Chance. Stars collided. I knew without question that I had met an angel right then. I will never forget that first moment and the time and kisses that we shared. Over time since then, we kept in touch wherever she was on this earth, being the great whirld traveler that she was. It was always great fun to catch up. We weren't so much in touch in the last few years but I was comforted by the knowledge of having her sweet self in my life, and in my heart.
News of her passing arrived 3 months to the day, on October 14th. I had sent her a message on facebook a couple of months ago, and hadn't heard back. thinking it odd, I went to her facebook page and began to scroll down, ... . to my utter shock! In tears, I read on. I was and still am very gutted by this tragic news, as I can only imagine her mum, sister, partner, and many many beloved friends across the world also are. I am only comforted that  her passing was quick and that she did not suffer, but, she was taken far too early, and I did not get the chance to see her one last time, or to say goodbye. But, I will never say goodbye. You are in my heart for all eternity Ardess. <3 bless you. I love you dearly. See you on the other side. with sweet kisses. .   .

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