Monday 9 April 2012

in current work

When i was diagnosed with MS in early 2008 I was working on the 5 x 3 ft painting ( top of the banner image) of early morning sunlight through the trees at Green Point (Pacific Rim Ntl. Park). Full image under Current Work tab. It struck me as serendipity that i would face such a life changer while thinking/ starting a new body of work about  the beauty of specifically creation, and nature. Throughout the process of piecing together this following body of work, I worked through the memories within my body, recollecting and re-collecting concepts, themes, and images that have been running though my process since about 1990. This last body of work is the nearest to reflecting what dwells within my heart and spirit, and i am proud to have made it happen throughout these following years of severe treatment and relapse cycles.

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